Hello Beautiful: Kojo Stone’s ‘Ego Trip’ Is An R&B Infused Journey Of Love, Loss & Introspection


With the emergence of new musical categories like electronic dance music and the mass immersion of soul music within the frame of pop, the past five years saw a distinct rise of talented indie artists who revitalized the genre of rhythm & blues.

Brooklyn native Kojo Stone is the newest R&B singer to add his name to the post-modern and is gearing up to release his long-awaited EP, Ego Trip on October 27.

The project is very personal to Stone, who bared the most intimate parts of his love life on the six-track project.

“Ego Trip was inspired by a couple of my past relationships. I came to the realization that they were led by Ego and not love,” the twenty-seven-year-old said.

Stone also used his project as a means of elevation and self-reflection.