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Prove That

BY Kojo Stone

"There is something greatly artistic in being able to convey a message or an emotion with simplicity.Prove That is very simple, the lyrics ask how many times do I have to prove that I love you? I just wanted to capture that frustration from the male perspective. There's nothing worst then when you are doing your best but still dealing with the constant bickering from your woman. It all balls down to trust and sometimes our past wont allow us to trust anyone completely, so how many times I gotta prove that I love?"



BY Kojo Stone

"iRather is a follow to my first single "Prove That"; where I focused more on my frustration in dealing with a woman's insecurities but in iRather; I'm not even tackling all the issues....we've been there done that now I'm offering a solution, intimacy, love, sex, fornication... just a release from whatever our troubles may be."