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Founded in 2012, I Think I'm Special Entertainment (I.T.I.S.) is a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of both performance and visual artist. We provide web design, event planning, project management, consultations and artist bookings, our goal is to support independent artist in creating a sustainable brand.

I.T.I.S. (I Think I'm Special) Entertainment is here to help independent artist see themselves through more lenses. Setting realistic goals is something many new artist struggle with, I can help you iron out all the kinks. While organizing these events I found myself mentoring coaching, and developing fresh talent. If you are looking to step out on stage, let us help you build a solid foundation. 

We are dedicated to creating tasteful and professional events where creative minds can network and express themselves in a healthy environment. As a performing artist, I have experienced the frustration of performing for venues and promoters who lack the professionalism and insight to really support independent artist. As an organizer I experience first hand the vast number struggles plagued by Independent artist. I know both sides of the coin and I.T.I.S. Entertainment is your safety net. 


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